Assess your risk of burnout with our 90 second wellbeing assessment 'A Walk Through the Forest'.

Planetary Health by Softer Success®

Human & Environmental Health for Organizational Wellbeing

‘Personal Sustainable Health & Eco Switch Packages’

Wellbeing as a Business Goal

Personal Sustainable Health & Climate Action Integrated in Every Role
‘Custom’ climate support package that seamlessly incorporates ESG and Well Being for employees, allowing your business to boldly support employees through this difficult period of eco-anxiety and climate crisis.

We need to place employee wellbeing at the core of how we work. Work should be shaped around the employee, not the employee around work. Softer Success research with King’s College London proves that when wellbeing is a business goal, it prevents burnout and employees are happier and more sustainably productive.

Companies need healing bottom up, top down; this should be the focus point in the next 3-5 years. Importantly, we need to work with people 1:1 to connect to their hearts and the nature. This will help to heal our people and our planet. Softer Success program introduces four happiness parameters:

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