Assess your risk of burnout with our 90 second wellbeing assessment 'A Walk Through the Forest'.

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We  diagnose, and identify risk, providing immediate solutions to measure and enable sustainable productivity to reduce work toxicity.

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Softer Success® Wellbeing Assessment

To understand and diagnose your employees’ wellbeing our evidence-based wellbeing assessment is your easy and immediate solution to know how your employees are coping with stress and the risk of burnout.  It produces an instant anonymous aggregated report with expert individual personalised recommendations and resources.

Softer Success ® Consultant’s Report and Recommendations

An expert consultant review will provide you with insightful and detailed analysis, highlighting immediate problem areas and presenting tailored roadmaps and  practical recommendations to help minimise the risk of burnout.

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Softer Success ® Wellbeing Road Map and U-Turn Plan

Our five step U-turn plan  helps you change the way success is measured by putting employees at the heart of your business. We help you reset focusing on culture change and productivity by providing a company wide roadmap.

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Softer Success ® Training, Workshops and Masterclasses

We have developed a wide range of hybrid wellbeing programmes, including burnout prevention masterclasses, compassionate leadership training, mental health workshops, dealing with trauma; all tailored to each individual or team needs.

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What our clients say about us

Our team absolutely loved Cara’s session – the feedback score was 4.8/5. It was really valuable for a team who have been experiencing a really high workload, and the difficulties of collaborating while all working remotely due to COVID. Cara took onboard a broader wellbeing curriculum we are working through and tailored her session to fit our needs. From simple tips, to the science behind burnout, everyone took something valuable from the session.

Mark Donnely

Customer Success Team

Google America

We have started looking much more closely at employee wellbeing at LOVESPACE, and Softer Success has been hugely impactful. Cara and her team worked closely with our management team to build out a comprehensive wellbeing plan, starting with a team-wide evaluation and workshops, followed by clear recommendations based on the data and insights they gathered. Softer Success has worked with us every step of the way as a trusted partner. I highly recommend Cara and her team.

Will Edwards

Chief Executive Officer


Softer Success is a great partner, always checking in and seeing how they can help our teams. Cara delivered a session titled – Hybrid wellbeing – How to look after your wellbeing in a hybrid work environment to our global team. It was packed full of ideas and simple techniques that you could take and deliver with your team. It was based on science which I found refreshing as I have seen a lot of webinars.

Lou Shelley

Engagement Site Lead
Global Lead Abilities ERG

Intuit QuickBooks


Cara De Lange


“I am passionate about eliminating risks of burnout because I have experienced its debilitating effects first-hand. I learnt then that employers have a responsibility to care for their employees’ wellbeing, manage stress at work and help them enjoy a healthy balance in life. This is a vital and achievable goal with the right preventative solutions to mitigate stress and burnout. What’s more, it’s everyone’s responsibility to do it for ourselves, our colleagues, and the next generation. I want to help empower businesses and individuals by showing them a new way of working in a hybrid working model with sustainable productivity strategies. We have called this the ‘Work Reset Revolution’, and we urge you to join Softer Success in this movement to lead more fulfilling and productive lives.” 

Cara De Lange

Founder & CEO

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Who do we work with?

Your issues, our solutions, in partnership

We work with different business functions across many sectors, particularly Tech, Accounting and Law. We know that those responsible at different areas of the business have different priorities and we have solutions to address some of these typical challenges.

Business Leaders

How can Softer Success help you?

  • Do you believe stress and potential burnout risk exists in your organisation?
  • Are you worried about losing great people and good teams?
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Finance Leaders

How can Softer Success help you?

  • Have you identified the cost of staff absence, staff retention level, and productivity decline because of burnout?
  • Is your organisation not prepared to spend money on preventing the risk of burnout?
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Wellbeing Leaders

How can Softer Success help you?

  • Have you identified that a burnout risk exists and have been asked to find appropriate solutions to audit and determine the scale of the issue?
  • Do you need to prioritise culture wellness to make all the other employee initiatives credible?
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Team Leaders

How can Softer Success help you?

  • Is the existence of burnout damaging your company’s reputation and performance?
  • Do you have budgetary responsibility and an intimate understanding of your team’s needs?
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Organisations we work with

Softer Success at a Glance!

Work Reset Revolution Podcast

This podcast aims to help empower businesses and individuals by showing them a new way of working engendering sustainable productivity across organisations.

Our Founder Cara de Lange speaks to global experts (doctors, scientists, professors and business leaders) who are at the cutting edge of the ‘Work Reset Revolution’ – all radically change the way we work today, and in the future!

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Our Solutions

Our goal is to end the global burnout pandemic by offering companies solutions to the burnout problem.

The first step to understanding and measuring your employees’ wellbeing levels and risk of burnout is the Softer Success® Wellbeing Assessment. We then offer a range of expert consultancy and solutions, including; Softer Success® Consultant’s Report and Recommendations, Softer Success® Wellbeing Road Map and U-Turn Plan, Softer Success® Company Training, Workshops, and Masterclasses.

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“If your life is already swamped by demand and ‘have to do’s’ the last thing you need is yet another book to clutter your bedside table…”

“…However, every lesson, every story and every technique shared in this book can bring Softer Success that doesn’t come at a personal cost. Be prepared to feel the return of your true power, energy and joie de vivre.” Dr Nerina Ramlakhan PhD, Physiologist, Sleep & Energy Expert

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Softer Success Academy

Do you want to learn and understand more about burnout and how to prevent it? These courses have been designed especially for you.

Our online courses can help you stop feeling overwhelmed or stressed and bring balance to your life. We also help you with techniques to manage ‘work and study’ effectively for productive work.

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Softer Success Journal

Looking for wellbeing tips and guides?

Our Founder Cara de Lange hosts a video journal on YouTube, with weekly updates and wellbeing tips such as how to combat fatigue, increase your energy and ways to prevent social burnout. It is your ultimate guide to leading more fulfilling and productive lives. You can also see insightful interviews such as ‘Sharing tips to work from home productively’ on Sky News.

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What does a healthy company look like to us?

As burnout experts, we believe there are many important elements needed to create a healthy company.

A Calm & Peaceful Environment, Employees Wellbeing Added to Mission & Values, People & Connections, Value People Over Profits, Measure, Assess & Prevent the Risk of Burnout, Sustainably Productive, Prevent Physical & Mental Health Problems, Value Collaboration & Creativity, Flat Organisation

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