Assess your risk of burnout with our 90 second wellbeing assessment 'A Walk Through the Forest'.

Burnout Cost Calculator

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The hidden bottom line that can save you millions.

Burnout is a silent drain on productivity and employee wellbeing. But do you know just how much it could be costing your company?

Our Employee Burnout Cost Calculator is here to bridge the knowledge gap. By quantifying the tangible and intangible costs of burnout, you’ll gain valuable insights into the true impact on your bottom line. Once your organisation has taken our burnout risk assessment you can calculate how much money burnout is costing your organisation.

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The hidden cost of
employee burnout in your business (per year)


The Softer Success ® Wellbeing Assessment our diagnostic tool - a 90 second anonymous psychometric test to assess & prevent the risk of burnout in organizations. Providing immediate solutions  & the organisation receives a results report with recommendations to reduce the burnout.  Our case studies demonstrate that by using this tool the risk of burnout was reduced by more than 5% in the organisation resulting in happier, healthier and more productive employees.  

The first step is to measure how healthy your company is. 

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With Wotter, you’ll gain live insights into all areas of your company. Providing you with tangible, actionable data that you can use to drive positive change. 

Working with live data means you can catch problems before they snowball and spot every window of opportunity to make work better for everyone. Click the link below to find out more.

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