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Episode 17: Natalia Tsarkova

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Episode 17: The Great Social Media Transformation: From self-promotion to collective consciousness

Work Reset Revolution Podcast


Episode 17


About Natalia Tsarkova

Natalia Tsarkova, Tribo founder and CEO, first understood the power of media when, as a little girl in Latvia, she saw the music video for Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean”. She credits that “Aha” moment for giving her an impulse to apply to Harvard years later, and to become the first student from the former Soviet block to be accepted at an Ivy League school.

After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Harvard College, Natalia followed up with a Masters Degree in Interactive Cinema at the MIT Media Lab. Her work on the “television of the future” led to high-profile consulting contracts with Sony Entertainment, Intel, Apple Corps (the Beatles estate) and IMG.

In 2005 she set up Transmedia Communications – at the time a pioneer in the field of digital rights and video aggregation. Transmedia provided lucrative content packages to telecoms across Europe and built on this successful base to create the first 360 global live music TV/ VOD channel iConcerts, which became available in over 100 countries across the world.

Having successfully sold iConcerts to a Canadian media group in 2014, Natalia took a short sabbatical to think of what she will do next and to direct an Arte documentary “Kings of the World” – an intimate portrait of the Gypsy Kings family and their world. This immersion in a “collective consciousness” of the gypsy culture helped define the vision for her next company: Tribo.

Based on a patented technology, Tribo is a perfect communication platform for purpose or interest-driven digital communities. Pre-launch, it was already used in Switzerland by a number of corporate clients as well as Verbier Music Festival, Swiss Digital Day, Hublot Polo Gold Cup, Zurich Film Festival, ZFF Industry Summit and other events. Tribo strongest application today is in the corporate and online learning market. Following successful case studies with Google in Indonesia and with corporate clients in the Middle East, Tribo is launching globally in 2022.

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