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Prevent Burnout Find Balance


Prevent Burnout Find Balance

Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed? Concerned about burnout? Having trouble balancing the stresses of life? Or perhaps you are just overworked and want to become more resilient? Then this course is for YOU.

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Online Masterclass

3 Step Strategy to Prevent Burnout

How we create our own stress and what you can do to manage stress

Tips to slow down, increase energy and become more resilient

Powerful meditations and visualisations that will help you every day

How to turn down your inner critic

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It will help you set up your own strategy to live a peaceful balanced life. To be more gentle with yourself. To slow down, become more resilient, set boundaries and look after your Mind, Body and Soul.

Course Curriculum

INTRODUCTION: What is burnout really and how to spot it

play-circle Course Introduction

play-circle What is Burnout and how to spot it

play-circle The 3 Steps to Prevent Burnout

Mind Care

play-circle How to set boundaries with technology

play-circle A digital detox challenge

play-circle Effective ways to deal with overwhelm

play-circle Bonus video: An exercise to combat screen fatigue

play-circle Bonus video: The RESET method

file-text Resources

Body Care

play-circle How to shake stress from the body

play-circle Energy-boosting exercise to be sustainably productive

play-circle Easy strategies for better sleep

Soul Care

play-circle How to let go

play-circle The power of positive reframing

play-circle 10 ways to build confidence and inner strength

volume-up Meditation: Letting go

Recap & Tips

play-circle Setting up your own burnout proof plan

volume-up Meditation: Find your rhythm again

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What Others are Saying

Catrine Hostrup

Interim Head of Talent at British International Investment 

In taking this course, I have learned techniques I can use in my busy job to help give release as well as help with insomnia caused by business.

Eleni Mavroeidi

Industry Manager at Google

I would 100% recommend. Very concise and to the point videos with practical, easily applicable tips on how to regain control and prevent burnout.