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Watch Cara de Lange’s powerful TEDX talk at Stirling University for 3 ways to fix a broken corporate business model.

TEDx University of Stirling | Theme: Shaping Strategic Changes

At the University of Stirling’s TEDX event ‘Shaping Strategic Changes’, corporate futurist and burnout expert Cara de Lange spoke powerfully about how it will take a “seismic shift to create a better future” – and called on the audience to take action now to change the way we work. Her talk ‘The Corporate World is Broken. What is Next?’ could not be more timely. As a recession looms , the cost of burnout estimated at more than $300 billion a year and eco anxiety on the rise, it’s time to radically change the way we work so we have the right energy to look after our environment. Working with top universities and building on her research and work in corporate, Cara has identified 3 steps to create the seismic shift.

Cara de Lange’s TEDX talk at the University of Stirling had a 100+ audience of business leaders, students and professors attending. The theme was ‘Shaping Strategic Changes’ .

Cara de Lange (burnout expert) talk: 
The Corporate World is Broken, What is Next? 

Short summary: With the Universities of Sheffield and Leuven, we saw that based on our burnout risk assessments,  many organisations across the globe already have a 40-50% high risk of employee burnout. That means half of the workplace could be doomed to face burnout. Burnout is spiralling out of control, and globally people are leaving the workplace in droves. So what needs to happen to create a change in how we work? Burnout is ultimately a systemic problem based on a faulty model of success. Our current model of capitalism relies on what I term hard success, which boils down to privileging profits over people. We need to shift into softer success, where we get to prioritise people over profits. Softer success would enable us to rehumanize how we work to create an equitable, sustainable, co-operative, and ethical model of success. If we want to avoid a collapse of our workforce, we need to allow people to work in humane conditions with humane values.

Why do you feel you are an expert in this topic?

I have first-hand experience with burnout, which is paired with my pioneering academic research with some of the most prestigious universities in the UK and Belgium on the science of burnout (Sheffield University, Leuven University, King’s College London, and Imperial College London). I also work with global organisations to tackle the problems of toxic workplaces and the resulting burnout. In addition, I am the author of the book “Softer Success”. I have also created the ground-breaking, anonymous wellbeing assessment ‘A Walk Through the Forest‘, which can diagnose the risk of workplace toxicity & burnout in 90 seconds with the help of leading universities, researchers, and psychologists. I also published my book, “Softer Success: Prevent Burnout, Find Balance and Re-Define Your Success”, in 2019 and give regular keynotes on the topic of burnout.

What is the one key takeaway you would like someone to walk away with from your talk?

The way we work is the leading cause of  burnout. Most of us experience burnout as an individual problem. But it’s not. It’s a systemic failure. I want people to see that burnout is not an individual failing, but the result of a toxic, profit-driven, and inhumane system failing the individual. We need to collectively redress the system to shift  from a hard to a softer, more humane model of success rather than trying to place the responsibility on affected individuals to fix the problem. 

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