Assess your risk of burnout with our 90 second wellbeing assessment 'A Walk Through the Forest'.

Burnout Proof Studying

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Burnout Proof Studying

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Course introduction

Module 1: What is burnout and how to spot it in yourself and others
Lesson 1: How to spot the warning signs of burnout and fatigue
Lesson 2: Why prevention is better than cure
Lesson 3: The 8 biotypes – Identifying your biotype
Lesson 4: The R.E.S.E. T method: a proven strategy to manage stress & prevent burnout

Module 2: The 3 step strategy to prevent burnout
Lesson 1: Introduction to the 3 steps to Prevent Burnout
Lesson 2: Mind care
Lesson 3: Body Care
Lesson 4: Soul care

Module 3: The Art of Resilience when studying
Lesson 1: Strategies to help you bounce back from difficult life situations
Lesson 2: Turning routines into uplifting rituals
Lesson 3: 10 Ways to build confidence and inner strength

Module 4: Let’s get practical: Work Life Wellbeing + Landing that first job
Lesson 1: How to land the right job for you and your wellbeing
Lesson 2: Work-Life Wellbeing